Whether you need help with a specific calculation or would like to "crunch the numbers" for a modeling scenario, we have a number of calculators that can help you:

Section 382 Limitation Tool - FREE!

Simply input company value and select the month of the "ownership change". The calculators does the rest of the work and computes the Section 382 Limitation for the month of the "ownership change".


5-Percent Shareholder Calculator Add to Cart

These interactive calculators allow you to determine if an individual who owns stock of a loss corporation through a first tier entity or a higher tier entity is a 5-percent shareholder of the corporation.


Capital Contribution Calculator Add to Cart

Use this intercative calculator to determine the amount by which a loss corporation that has an "ownership change" must reduce its value under the "anti-stuffing" rules of IRC ยง 382(l)(1).


Shareholder Modeling Tool Add to Cart


This interactive calculator allows you to quickly estimate how close a new individual shareholder is to becoming a 5-percent shareholder of a corporation. Simply fill in the blanks and the modeling tool shows you the percentage ownership of the both new sharehlder and the existing shareholders.

Don't see the calculator you're looking for? Just contact us and tell us what type of calculator or modeling tool you're looking for and we'll add it to our product suite.